Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Free Christmas/Winter Bucket List 2019 – 2020

Winter is coming! It also means that the holiday is just around the corner.

Have you made your holiday/ Christmas list of things to do?

It can be as details as writing and sending Christmas cards to your parents & friends, buying a gift for secret Santa at work, buy a Christmas pullover to wear of friends gathering. You can also make a list as broad as inviting friends for lunch/dinner, thinking/getting goals for New year, and making a list of vacation destinations for next year.I hope that there will be snowing, especially on Christmas eve. Here in Belgium, We don’t always get to enjoy white Christmas every year.I have already lived in Europe (Belgium and Bulgaria) for ten years. As a tropical girl from a beautiful Indonesia, I have never seen snow until my 24th.

It was a magical experience to see snows for the first time.

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Since then, I fell in love with winter, snow, Christmas, and holiday season.I love the period from December to March, despite it is the darkest months of the year and there are more rainfalls than other months. It’s so cold, yet warm at the same time. The outside becomes dark faster, yet full of warm lights.In this season, You have an opportunity to do fun things indoor and outdoor.

What comes in your mind when you think about wintertime, especially around this Christmas period?

I’ve created an empty holiday list. You can download this list for free and fill it with your list, so you are sure you are not forget anything.Blanco winter bucket wish listClick HERE to download your printable Bucket List

Do you want more ideas for fun activities to do this winter?

Don’t worry, I am sharing my winter bucket list (40 activities to do in the winter) in this post, but before let’s go to my top list fort his year.10 winter activities listClick HERE to download my ten favorite bucket list during wintertime.

These are my 10 top list 2019/2020 :

  1. Layers and thermal underwear: I used more warm clothes, especially in Bulgaria.
  2. Giving and getting many gifts: This year, I also got an extra present to celebrate my ten years in Belgium.
  3. Friends and family gatherings: more laugh, catch up.
  4. Visit Christmas markets: have a hot chocolate or hot wine.
  5. Go skiing: planning to go a few times this year. 2020 will be my second year of skiing.
  6. Get goals for the new year.
  7. Have a cozy evening at home with fire and watch movies, also some tights hugs.
  8. Take a picture in the snow.
  9. Make unique Christmas cards: this year, honey in the jar with our self-made label.
  10. Snowball fights.
As promised, here is an excellent list of suggestions  (40  great activities to do in the winter).40 winter bucket listClick HERE to download 40 great activities to do in the winter.With Love,signature orange
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